Okay, my real name is not acornjoey, that's just a handle I use often that has become a part of my brand from the beginning. My name is AJ, and I'm a digital content creator in the Metro Atlanta area with a background in brand identity, social media management, photography and videography.
"digital content creator" is so vague, isn't it?
Yes! It very much is. But to break it down in its most simplest state would be this: my goal is to help build, cultivate, inspire, and promote people & brands through various styles of media.
I'm always pushing the boundaries and trying to break the norm in what is trending for different niches of industries or styles of imagery, and I won't rest until I'm able to help you or your business stand out from the rest.
because you matter to me 🫶🏻

also, sometimes I get paid to shoot cool cars and drink Baja Blast™
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